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Anaglypta Armadillo – Anaglypta wallpaper that combines modern materials and technology to create a totally unique PVC free product in a range of contemporary and classic styles.

Often called ‘the paper that will not flatten’ the product consists of a single heavy layer of high quality textile reinforced paper which is permanently embossed at extremely high temperatures and pressures.

The advantages are numerous, but perhaps the most important are - the product is extremely hardwearing and scuff resistant, shrugging off punishment even in high traffic areas, it is very easy to use as it does not shrink or expand when pasted so you can ‘paste the wall’ or ‘paste the ceiling’. So easy to use in fact that we offer this product in wide contract widths to save our customers time and money…


  • Corringham Road, Gainsborough
    Lincolnshire, DN21 1QB


  • 01427 616597

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