Wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive

Wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive

Thermal Liner Adhesive is a specialist adhesive formulated for interior energy saving wallcoverings and wall repair systems, powered by Wallrock.

Thermal Liner Adhesive is suitable for the following products:

  • Thermal Liner KV600
  • Thermal Liner
  • Cosy Liner KV300
  • PUR Sound Insulation
  • Insulating Lining Paper
  • Insulating Lining Graphite+
  • Heatsaver Lining


    • High performance aqueous adhesive with fillers
    • Thick, smooth, low splatter formula - roll or brush straight from the tub
    • High wet tack to hold while cutting and positioning
    • High resin content for optimum adhesion to surface
    • Allows walls to breathe and resists moisture
    • Contains an inhibitor to prevent mould, yeast and fungal growth


  • Before Use
    This product is ready-mixed and ready to use, however some storage conditions may contribute to separation of water, visible on top of the product. This can be easily stirred into the bulk of the product without affecting its performance properties. Despite stringent quality assurance procedures, defects may occur in exceptional cases from time to time. If a fault is found, please return any defective material to the place of purchase. Please see wallpaper roll labels for hanging instructions for each individual lining system.

    Surface Preparation
    Thermal Liner Adhesive can be used on most internal wall surfaces. The adhesive contains filler and can be used in conjunction with our wallcovering products to cover surface imperfections and textures. All surfaces should be firm, dry and clean, all loose material should be removed before the adhesive is applied. Major surface imperfections should also be filled and levelled in preparation. Drywall and other absorbent surfaces should be sized and completely left to dry for at least 4 hours before application of the adhesive.
  • Each adhesive container holds 10kg (22lb), sufficient for 1 roll of Thermal Liner KV600, 2 rolls of Thermal Liner or 3 rolls of Cosy Liner. Where the surface being covered is flat and in relatively good condition, coverage will improve significantly by up to 25%. See guidance chart for other products.

    usage table

  • The room temperature and that of the adhesive should not be less than 10°C/50°F. Please keep the adhesive sealed when not in use.

    • Generously apply the adhesive directly to the wall using a deep pile roller; use more paste if the wall is textured or damaged.
    • Apply adhesive to an area a little wider than for one length, this will ensure an adequate area is covered and make the next length easier to apply.
    • In the areas that the roller cannot reach, such as corners, the paste should be applied with a spatula or brush.
    • Each length of wallcovering should be butt jointed. Remove excess glue immediately with a damp cloth or sponge.


    • Do not thin or add water to the adhesive.
    • Contains fungicide and biocide to inhibit mould, yeast and bacteria. Keep away from children and animals.
    • Wash hands thoroughly after use.
    • Do not empty into drains or watercourses. Waste should be disposed of using authorised disposal routes and sites.

    in case of contact with eyes, rinse copiously with clean water. If irritation persists, seek medical help immediately. Replace lid after use and wash brushes etc with warm soapy water and rinse.

  • Drying Time
    Drying time depends upon room temperature, humidity, thickness of the paste layer and surface absorbency but is normally complete after 24 hours. In some circumstances you may have to wait longer before any other wallcoverings are applied to the Thermal Liner. Check for adhesion before commencing any subsequent redecoration. The adhesive may be used to fill any small gaps at the seams, smooth down using sandpaper before decoration.

    Cleaning And Storage

    • Wash the roller brushes in warm, soapy water and rinse thoroughly.
    • Paste on the side of the tub should be wiped into the bulk to avoid drying out.
    • Close the lid tightly.
    • Avoid extreme temperatures.
    • Protect from frost (Do not store below 5°C/41°F).


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